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All Smartphones Must Use The Same Charger By 2024 Says EU, UK Will Not Follow

The European Union (EU) has officially decided to adopt a universal mobile phone charging cable for all new smartphones, with the decision being USB-C. This means Apple will have to make the switch from their own Lightning Port to USB-C, which most other phone manufacturers currently use, by autumn 2024 in a decision the EU claims will benefit consumers. 

Not only will smartphones be included in the bill, but so will all portable electronic devices, including tablets, cameras, and handheld consoles. 

However, the UK is not considering making the same decision at this time, according to the BBC.  

While many may rejoice at the convergence of charging cables, Apple is likely not so pleased. The company has long been fighting the adoption of a universal cable (that isn’t theirs), believing companies should focus on the plug that goes into the wall instead of the connector to the phone. 

EU regulators say the time has come, though, and it is phone companies’ own fault for not coming up with a solution. 

“European consumers were frustrated long enough about incompatible chargers piling up in their drawers,” Margrethe Vestager, executive vice-president for the European Commission's Europe Fit for the Digital Age strategy, said in a statement reported by the Independent

“We gave industry plenty of time to come up with their own solutions, now time is ripe for legislative action for a common charger. This is an important win for our consumers and environment and in line with our green and digital ambitions.” 

The move is set to reduce wastage from having multiple unused chargers, as well as improve the landscape for consumers.  

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