Apr 4, 2022

Tesla Delivered Record 310,000 Electric Vehicles In Q1 2022

Tesla just announced that they delivered 310,000+ EVs in Q1 2022, a 80%+ increase in delivery number compared to the same period of last year.

On Saturday, Tesla posted their production and delivery report for Q1,2022. They produced 305,000 vehicles, of which 291,189 were Model 3 & Model Ys and 14,218 of them were Model S/ Model X. Tesla delivered over 310,000 vehicles, of which 295,324 vehicles were Model 3/ Model Y and 14,724 of them were Model S/ Model X.

Last year, Tesla delivered and produced 184,800 and 180,338 electric vehicles respectively in the first quarter. Despite record delivery number, Tesla failed to meet the expectations of Wall Street. Wall Street analysts expected deliveries of 317,000 electric vehicles in Q1,2022.

Tesla said they produced less than they delivered because of ongoing supply chain challenges and factory shutdowns. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said “This was an exceptionally difficult quarter due to supply chain interruptions & China’s zero Covid policy”. He also added “Outstanding work by Tesla team & key suppliers saved the day”.

Tesla Model 3 (Performance)
Tesla Model 3 (Performance)

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai plays an important role in producing a significant number of their Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles. But it was interrupted due to the recent surge of Covid in China.

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