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Nov 2, 2020

World’s Largest Pyramid Hidden in Plain Sight

Once in a blue moon, something is discovered that completely rocks the world of archaeology and invites us to reconsider what we understand of history. One such thing was discovered in 2005. Archaeologist – Semir Osmanagic was visiting a museum in Visoko, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, when he realized astounded, that a very large hill in the valley had four clear triangular sides and even grade slope, obvious corners, and even an apex. The exact geometry of a pyramid. Given his research of other pyramids, Semir investigated other criteria to find that it was also structurally aligned with the cardinal points: North, South, East, and West, another fundamental feature of the ancient pyramids. At every turn, the geometric precision and structural evidence of his research showed that this so-called “hill” and five additional places in the valley were structures that had been created, engineered by the ancients and hidden by vegetation over thousands of years. The discovery was nothing short of epic. Not only were these the first pyramids to be discovered in Europe, but two of them – the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Sun are also both larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza, with the Pyramid of the Sun measuring as the largest pyramid in the world. Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and The Pyramid of Giza


When fossils were taken from the structure, they revealed that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun dated back 35,000 years, which is well before our current understanding of civilization. The revelations did not land well with established academics. Within hours of the international announcement of this extraordinary discovery, the story suddenly disappeared. In the meantime, geologists and archaeologists from many countries petitioned the Bosnian government to stop Samir’s excavations claiming his discoveries were merely natural formations Nonetheless, 55 skeptical, but curious archaeologists joined him to learn more, concluding that it did appear to be true, nature could not have formed these mountains. They are artificially created structures. But the others in the field, without even visiting it, threaten his excavation efforts with incredible resistance. These “trusted” archaeological “experts,” assumed and concluded Samir must be a fraud and they labeled his discovery a hoax. Rather than be swayed, however, their resistance made it clear to Semir that he was on to something big. For the next few years, he fought a legal battle to ensure his right to excavate, even suing the government for trying to block his scientific study. Finally, he succeeded and even received the government’s blessings in his research. Normally, archaeological excavation is a very conservative science, and it only permits accredited academics who keep all the revelations secret, until such time it is revealed. Though Sameer is powerless to public defamation from established mainstream institutions, he found the perfect strategy to protect his research and decided that this project would belong to the people so he engaged all those who wished to contribute and learn, making sure that all discoveries would be fully transparent. His nonprofit organization – “Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation” welcomed thousands of enthusiastic international volunteers in the excavation and discoveries of what appears to be the oldest pyramid in the world.

Bosnian Pyramids at Visoko


Pyramids Around the World


You’re probably thinking, it’s far more likely that the four sides of that mountain are just a coincidence. After all, the only ancient pyramids we hear about are in Egypt and Mexico. Well, a growing number of archaeologists researching the so-called “mounds” around the world believe differently… Cutting-edge scientific research shows that round and multi-sided pyramid structures made of adobe, limestone, and granite are far more common than thought and that they exist, in fact, on every continent, brushed off as mountains, hills, empty tombs, or even, “piles of rocks”, because they’re so much older then we’ve realized. And also, of course, because we still can’t figure out why any civilization would go through all the trouble of building these enormous structures of unimaginable weight, for no practical reason… Unless the reason is yet to be revealed. In other words, we don’t know what we don’t know. So before we share the facts about the Bosnian pyramid, consider this first: if we knew that pyramids held a practical function and if we were open to the possibility that civilization’s history on our planet goes back much further than we have acknowledged, would we notice the similarities of these pyramid structures on every continent on the planet, including Antarctica? Similarities between PyramidsThese structures are everywhere, and yet, we’re still telling ourselves that primitive people built these for their dead and built them in ways we can’t figure out. Could it be that there’s more to this story then this accepted narrative about primitive civilizations? According to Semir and other archaeologists, these assumptions are not the true purpose of these world structures.


Purpose of the Pyramids

New archaeological revelations, particularly the research from the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, suggests that pyramids were not mounds, tombs for pharaohs, or their other leaders, but were built for other purposes, tens of thousands of years ago. And that they were, in fact, complex energy machines. Most importantly, he says these energy machines do four things: They create energy fields that support healing. They improve the molecular structure of water and food. That they advanced spiritual and mental abilities. And most surprisingly of all, that they transmit and receive interstellar communication through the apex via scalar wave technology. This is a lot to take in so, keeping worldwide pyramids in mind, let’s have a look at Bosnia now, to see if it meets the criteria of an artificially engineered structure, or, to see if it’s just a massive hill and a cruel hoax.


Characteristics of the Bosnian Pyramid

Any ancient monument that’s not in the desert could be hard to discern if it’s covered with foliage and soil over millennia. If you look at the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun from the land, it’s easy to see why this structure looks like a hill. From a drone or a plane, however, the clarity of the shape becomes more apparent. So what exactly distinguishes a pyramid from a hill or a mountain? There are ten scientific criteria that pyramids possess, and we’ll name each and compare how the Bosnian pyramid weighs in on those requirements. 


1.Shape and Geometry

First, the most apparent quality of a pyramid is its shape and geometry. For most structures, this means four-sided equilateral triangles, although there are even six-sided pyramids. As mentioned, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has four sides, angles of 60° and the south side has a causeway, which distracts from the perfection of those angles. Simply replace the green with a brown, and the shape of this so-called “hill” looks just like a pyramid. In 2006, Samir uncovered the foliage on the northeast corner to find exactly what he expected – two sides that met at an angle. Could nature do that?
The 12,000-year-old Bosnian Pyramids

2. Orientation and Alignment

The second thing is side orientation to the cardinal points and alignment to True North. While the Pyramid of Giza holds an error to true north of 0° and 2 minutes, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun holds an error of 0°, 0 minutes, and 12 seconds, making it even more precisely aligned with true north than the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Still, we’re asked to believe this is just a coincidence. 


3. Building Materials

The third is artificially constructed building materials. As mentioned, ancient structures become indistinguishable with overgrowth that buries whatever building materials are there. Take, for example, the two well-known pyramids in the Mexican Yucatan – in Coba and Calakmul, which appear to be hills amid the jungle… except that the excavated site reveals the granite and sandstone. When excavations began for the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, at roughly 3,5 feet of soil, large rectangular blocks were discovered, each weighing 7 tons and having six flat sides.
Bosnian Pyramids Giant Stone Blocks
These blocks were stacked neatly together with clay binding and showed evidence of perfect symmetrical formation and placement. Even having unusual and unique patterns. They also have quartz crystal in them a powerful energy conductor that we use today in almost everything. Samples of the material binding these enormous stones were sent to 7 separate international laboratories for examination, and each one, determined separately of the others, that rock, sand, water, and clay in the binding is a synthetic concrete called polymer concrete. This material is so strong and so durable that compared to today’s concrete, the ancient polymer rates far superior in strength to what we presently use

5. Inner Chambers

Another quality is inner chambers. Everyone knows Giza has mysterious chambers at odd angles inside the structure. Not long ago, at Chichen Itza, an ancient access tunnel was discovered, which only local tribes knew of. It had been sealed for hundreds of years.Chichen Itza Inner Chambers and Tunnels


True to form, geothermal analysis of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, reveals no less than 7 layers of passageways within it, which appear to wind in a spiral throughout the structure.
Bosnian Pyramid Tunnels
Measured, these would stretch for miles and miles as it continues to be excavated in time, these will surely be known. A lesser-known characteristic of pyramids are the presence of surrounding tunnels. Often time, these tunnel systems are undiscovered or simply not made public by authorities. Other pyramids, in Egypt in China are known to have them, but the tunnels that were discovered and excavated near the Bosnian Pyramid, have already exceeded the distance measured by all other pyramids, making it the most extensive underground network around any pyramid known to man. The tunnel walls themselves are made of conglomerate a natural combination of sand, rock, and pebbles, tightly compacted over thousands of years by water sources. But Samir’s team discovered that many of these tunnels had clearly been sealed, either to keep them a secret, or to block the flow of energy that’s created by water, the tunnels, and the pyramid itself.
When organic material from this debris was carbon dated, it revealed that these tunnels were sealed only 5,000 years ago. It was also discovered that the stone blocks used to make the pyramid were the same substance as the material removed from the tunnels, revealing that the creators of the tunnels also created the pyramid. And that precedes the 5000 year mark.

Further investigation in the tunnels found large blocks at precise distances of 10 feet apart. The largest one being 18,000 pounds, or 8 tons. One of the most fascinating things found in the sealed tunnels was a huge 8 ton smooth stone block, which appears to be strategically placed over flowing water. This Rock had symbols carved onto it. Multiple analysis by the Institute of Atomic Physics, revealed that this large block is an artificially constructed material, again, a synthetic ceramic made over 35,000 years ago. Investigations discovered that it was in two pieces a lid sealed over a supportive base and Geo-radar analysis revealed that the center was carved out and held some kind of mineral that was different from the ceramic, likely a quartz crystal, given the powerful electromagnetic conductivity of this object. Precise EMF readings taken near the object consistently reveal the frequency of 7.83 Hz.


6. Running Water

The sixth of the criteria is running water. All world pyramids were built near rivers and streams. Just like the Pyramid of Giza has the Nile nearby and water sources underneath it, the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun is near a river and has extensive layers of underground streams at different depths.

7. Mathematical relations and sacred geometry

Perhaps one of the most extraordinary features of the pyramids around the world are the mathematical relationships between structures and the sacred geometry created as a result. Sacred geometry is the geometrical patterns and the mathematical laws in nature from the most minuscule particles, to the greater Cosmos, upon which all creation is founded thus making Mathematics and Geometry a Universal language. These principles convey the interconnection of all nature, reminding us that we have a relationship to the whole of creation. These patterns include π (Pi) and the Golden Mean which are often cryptically woven into the works of great artists and structural engineers. They are in fact an elevated expression of wisdom.
When you connect the apex of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, with the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon, and the Pyramid of the Dragon, it creates an equilateral triangle. Then, within it, if you connect two other structures with the tunnel entrance, it creates a second triangle. Equilateral triangles and triangles within others are sacred geometry.

When you consider the points of the natural surrounding landmarks the tunnel entrances, and where the rivers meet, you get a third triangle – the largest one. Keep the same midpoints for all three and you have the base for the Flower of Life, as you would see it from above. 

Traditionally, Esoteric studies reveal, that the torus in the flower of life, imply dimensionality. Like in Egypt, the length of the base divided by the height is π (Pi) irrational numbers. According to Semir, these mathematical principles were carefully engineered and are powerful forces contributing to the movement of energy, what he explains is “the true message of the pyramid”, that the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid Dragon are flowing with energy, as though they were alive. Pyramid of Giza Sacred Geometry and Golden RationSince few of us, today are actually taught the profound implication of this extraordinary wisdom of sacred geometry, it’s easy to overlook how important these expressed patterns are in ancient structural engineering. It’s also worthy to note that Pi wasn’t officially discovered until a few hundred years ago. So did our primitive ancestors somehow figure it out? Or was it again just a coincidence?


8. Astronomical Features

The eighth criteria is astronomical features. As we pointed out in our Mars video, there are consistent astronomical features present among all ancient pyramids on Earth.
One of the most remarkable moments in Bosnia happens on June 22nd Summer Solstice, just before the Sun sets. This is when the shadow of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, perfectly eclipses the Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon. 

Semir has shared that of all the pyramids he studied, this clear obvious relationship connecting the two is by far the most rare and unique. Of course, experts are again claiming this is pure coincidence.


9. Energy Potential

The ninth of the criteria is location with energy potential, namely volcanic lines. Semir discovered that if you draw invisible lines to connect all the world’s volcanoes, ancient monuments are built on these invisible lines, especially, where they intersect with other lines. For example, Easter Island meets over 10 intersected lines, Machu Picchu on 16, but the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, matched only by Chichen Itza, meets on 26 volcanic intersected lines more than any other monument. As we noted in our video about Nikola Tesla, Tesla knew that if you could amplify electricity over time we could dramatically improve the state of our planet without harming it the way current technology does. So, the combination of these lines, the tunnels, flowing water, and an iron plate, deep in the earth, all contribute to amplify the energy of the structure and the result: You have a powerful conductor of electromagnetic energy, one which leads to the final and the most exciting criteria of a pyramid.


10. Energy Flow
For millennia, Earth has held a natural frequency, a pulse of 7.83, which is known as the Schumann resonance. It’s vital to our emotional and physical well-being but is increased rapidly over the last few decades as a direct result of technology. EMF radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi, TVs, power, atomic explosions, microwave energy, and much more, these bombardments have pushed the Earth’s frequency as high as 16 Hertz, and this slows down our mental processing, harms our cells, and negatively affects many things. If the Bosnian Pyramids were just hills, energy frequencies would measure the same as everywhere else around the globe, But, with every EMF, sonic, and ultrasound reading, the frequencies measured at site consistently show the Schumann frequency – 7.83, especially in the tunnels. The result of this frequency is nothing short of miraculous.
Water and food brought from beneath and around the structure has superior molecular structure. Volunteers involved in the excavation have experienced dramatic unexplained healing, from respiratory illnesses to spinal injuries. They just disappear. Why? We know that charged ions from flowing water supports health and kills microbes in the body. The iron beneath the earth increases electromagnetic flow quartz helps conduct energy and the Schumann resonance promotes serenity and health. So, is it any wonder people report elevated emotional and physiological states near the pyramids? This doesn’t happen just anywhere, especially on any hill… Could the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun be the energy machine that Samer hypothesizes? Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun
On the summit of the pyramid, something really spectacular happens with energy flow. The electromagnetic fields are amplified 60 times stronger than anywhere else on the planet, measuring consistently at 28 kilohertz for a radius of 13 feet at the very apex of the structure. This frequency, by the way, has been associated with levitation in experiments done with ping-pong balls by the American Ralph Ring. Is there a relationship to the frequency of levitation and the frequency being emitted from the summit of this pyramid? Needless to say, natural mounds and hills do not create energy bursts 60 times greater than the Earth. Not even other pyramids show that kind of reading. But, something powerful was caught on film at another location.
Pyramid Beam Light
In 2009, a father photographing his children, just before a lightning storm at Chichen Itzá, Mexico, and caught something very mysterious. This photo offers a visual of the exact sort of energy beam that’s being measured above the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun. Could this energy be an indication of a greater purpose that the pyramids served?


If the Bosnian pyramids are just misconstrued hills, nature is certainly capable of creating some amazing tricks, including perfect block terraces, geometrical perfection, sacred geometry, and powerful electromagnetic surges in and around these so-called hills. If they are the engineered structures they appear to be well, it’s time to rewrite our history books.
After all, our history assumes that the human race is wiser and more advanced than ever before, but the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun – the oldest, largest, and most enigmatic pyramid in the world, seems to indicate that highly intelligent cultures may have existed in the very distant past and that they engineered these pyramids in ways that primitive humans never could have. In ways that we are still trying to figure out. Of course, it’s just easier to deny these facts then admit such an important historical discovery. That the largest and oldest ancient structure in the world was virtually unnoticed in plain sight for centuries. Let alone admit that we still know very little about its actual benefits and function. While Samir has been under constant attack by people from major institutions, we can’t help but wonder why so much effort to control and stop him? Since a massive hoax would simply reveal itself in time, especially when you compare it to the Egyptian directors and diggers who cannot disclose their revelations. And all of Samir’s research is transparent and made public. In fact, when he was accused of using this discovery for political gain, he said this:

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