Oct 1, 2020

Strange Fleet Of UFOs Passed At A High Speed Close To Moon – Footage Recorded From Italy

An amateur astronomer brings us a new discovery without revealing his name. He showcases his findings to the world without his identity. As it is shown through these pictures, he had noticed more than 30 UFOs while he was attempting to take a wonderful scenic picture of the Moon.

According to him he had been trying to capture a nice picture of the Moon when he spotted a massive dot moving across the planet. He had taken his other camera to have closer look and found out more than 30 of them visible in front of his own eyes.

He had been able to count 38 UFOs in the same fleet. They had been moving at a great speed passing the Moon so that they were able to travel in a very short time.

Majority of the experts did not believe this at first thinking that it is a fake, but there were many who supported him with proof.

Here we express our opinion, but what do you think of this incredible discovery?

Original Source: Unfold News.

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