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Sep 19, 2020

Extraterrestrial Weapon Discovered on Mars

 This following photograph was recently taken by NASA and as you can tell it definitely stirred a lot of debates online.For the most part, people online tried to argue whether this is an alien weapon or a statue of some sort and to this day we can’t say for sure which one it is. Some skeptics have tried to claim that this is all just a matter of perspective because if we were to get close to it, we’d see that it’s nothing like an alien cannon in the first place.

But since this is the only picture, we have to work with it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that that theory was pretty much just ignored altogether. So, what are we looking at over here? Is this some sort of a Martian weapon after all?

Experts seem to think so as it could very well be the defense systems that Martians installed on their planet in ancient times. It could be an anti-aircraft weapon as far as we know since it does look a lot like a cannon protruding from the ground up. This may very well be proof enough of the fact that it’s meant to shoot into the sky as its tube body is most likely meant as a cannon that will shoot anything it deems as dangerous from the sky. Does this mean it didn’t take us as dangerous in the first place or is it just inactive? What do you think?

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