Jun 19, 2022

“Anti-5G” Pendant Banned In Netherlands Because Its Made With Dangerous Radioactive Material

little knowledge is a dangerous thing and it is never more evident than when it comes to the very real consequence of buying into conspiracy theories. The latest example comes from The Netherlands. The Dutch authorities have banned several products containing dangerous radioactive material, including a pendant that is supposed to stop the “harm” from 5G technology.  

Radioactivity and radioactive materials are not inherently bad or dangerous. Bananas are famously radioactive and so are we humans, simply by breathing, drinking, and eating in a world that is slightly radioactive. The crucial factor is the dose. And this is why the Authority for Nuclear Safety And Radiation Protection of The Netherlands (ANVS) got involved. The Anti-5G pendant and nine other products marketed as "negative-ion", including jewelry and a sleep mask, contain radioactive materials that could cause harm over time if worn continuously. On the other hand, the largest study investigating the health effects of 5G found it to be safe. 

“A study commissioned by the ANVS and carried out by the Netherlands’ National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has revealed that these specific products emit ionizing radiation. The level of radiation measured is low and risk of health problems is low too. However, it cannot be completely ruled out that wearing these products continuously for an extended period may prove harmful to your health in the long term,” a statement on the ANVS website reads. 

“The ANVS has informed all known vendors of these products in the Netherlands that their sale is prohibited and that they must stop trading in these products immediately.” 

People owning a "negative ion effect" product are advised to store it away safely and contact the ANVS.

Conspiracy theorists against 5G have found fertile ground in the anti-vaxxer communities, linking the roll-out of the new communication technology to the COVID-19 pandemic and then to the vaccines. In May 2020, telecom workers were attacked and 5G towers were set alight in the UK following the spread of conspiracy stories on social media. 

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