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Strange Alien Structures Found on the Moon – That’s Why We Don’t Go There

So mankind really has reached the moon, or is it just a big farce? Both theories have accumulated numerous followers. There are hundreds of movies or pictures that prove the Apollo flights are real, but on the other hand, there are many debates that show the landing has been staged.

But if both theories are correct, and maybe the lunar surface hides more than rocks and craters? Discovering the pre-existing structures of the moon would be a good reason not to reveal the existence of the general public.

If an official report admitted that such buildings were found on the moon, then our faith would probably have a reversed turn and we do not want to change that fast, do we?

Those who claimed that the month landing was faked in a studio, believing that there were no authentic color images on missions. Although NASA has released high-resolution photographs from Apollo missions, skeptics remain at their side of the story, as the abnormal drawings found on the Moon are not in official or video footage.

Many photos are modified, altered, or unclear to hide crucial information. Also, the famous case of missing tapes Apollo 11 does not do much to calm the storm of critics. An investigation about 20 years ago found that NASA has erased and reused raw Apollo 11 video signals.

Although the audio track of the lunar mission has been heavily modified, it reveals yet another interesting piece of dialogue that appears close to the end of the first extra-scene action of Apollo 17, the last official earth mission of the Earth’s natural satellite. As they returned to the Lunar module, astronaut Eugen Ceman saw something incredible that can be interpreted from his dialogue and some pictures shoot at that time.

UFOlogists believe the Apollo 17 crew know about the existence of foreign structures on the lunar surface, and it is also a fact that many astronauts believe in intelligent life forms. Do they know more than they tell us or is it just a theory of conspiracy?

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