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Is it True That Nikola Tesla Cracked The Antigravity Code?

Nikola Tesla was an enigmatic and brilliant human being who walked the face of the earth. Because of all of his research, discoveries, and innovations, our contemporary lives and technology would be quite different today. Suppose Tesla had found something more mysterious than we can fathom in our current state of knowledge.

The legacy of Nikola Tesla

Thomas Alva Edison’s counterpart, Nikola Tesla, is well-known in history for inventing the light bulb. His thoughts and inventions were also far ahead of his time, making him an important figure in our society. Many of his assertions and ideas were rejected by his contemporaries.

According to popular belief, Tesla may have had some kind of encounter with extraterrestrial life, which would account for his futuristic outlook on life and his ability to manipulate electrical current. Some people even believe that Tesla himself openly declared that he had had contact with aliens.

Tesla’s laboratory discoveries and achievements are responsible for a lot of the modern technologies we have. We wouldn’t have modern conveniences like television, radio, AC power, and the Tesla coil if it weren’t for his brilliant ideas. Radiation detection, X-rays, fluorescent lights and radar would all be commonplace, as would microwaves, robots and X-rays.

Nikola Tesla’s Unknown Formula for Success

It is possible that if Tesla had not shown his apparent capacity to find and create, these advancements would have continued apace. This young scientist was said to have knowledge of antigravity and the power to fly.

One of his inventions was an airplane/helicopter hybrid that was patent-registered in 1928. This is well recognized. Tesla had already drawn out the blueprints for the plane’s propulsion system before he died. His antielectromagnetic field propulsion method was dubbed “Space Conduction.” Antigravity force may have been their real aim when they designed their device.

Unbounded Energy Possibility Theory or Ether

Free energy, often known as ether or limitless energy, was a major belief of Nikola Tesla’s throughout his life. It is a kind of energy that permeates the cosmos and provides the driving force behind everything.

Tesla claimed to have spent many years trying to figure out what the ether was and how it functioned, and he vowed to share his discoveries with the world in a book. In it, he attempted to explain the origins of this force as well as the planetary motions caused by it. The theory of curved space, first forward by Albert Einstein, would be buried as a result.

Tesla himself even held a press conference on May 12th, 1938, which may be found in William R. Lyne’s book “Occult Ether Physics,” where he discusses the idea of gravity dynamics.

The comments made by Nikola Tesla indicate that he was adamant about his discovery of the right perception to describe the movements that control matter. The man even went so far as to declare that any and all references to spatial curvature will be rendered obsolete. Erasing the concept of ether in an attempt to explain the universe’s operations was, according to him, ridiculous.

What Happened to Tesla’s Work on Free Energy

It’s a mystery why all of Nikola Tesla’s work on ether and free energy ended up as government property. All of that valuable and fascinating knowledge has been kept secret from the rest of the world until now. Does this mean they’re attempting to keep us in the dark so we’ll believe anything they want us to?

Tesla, on the other hand, made unexpected findings regarding the antigravity force despite his inability to witness the construction of his flying ship prototype. Electrostatic emission from a conductor, for example, is always concentrated where the surface curves. The more electrons there are in a space, the steeper the arc.

A power source with a finite amount of juice

Tesla may have stumbled onto a way to harness an infinite supply of energy that comes from the very same place as all other energy sources: the natural world. He might have achieved significant scientific and technical advancements if given the chance and time. However, mankind veered off on a path that was more advantageous to certain people than others…

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