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A Quantum Collision Just Created Matter From Light

Albert Einstein’s E = mc^2 is probably the most famous equation of physics that the German physicist gave in 1905. It’s a mathematical relationship between mass and energy. We have seen how matter can be converted into energy. But the question is that is the reverse also possible? Have we seen energy being converted into mass? We surely don’t see that happening in day-to-day life but this process has been confirmed in a recent experiment at the Brookhaven National Laboratory.

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Olexander said...

I once asked myself, "Can the streams of photons and neutrinos that fall into intergalactic voids begin to form material particles, which will then form clouds of some matter." Reflecting on the probability of dust formation from photons, I then came to the conclusion that it is quite probable. The probability of the collision of photons and neutrinos in intergalactic cavities can increase significantly if, under the action of large galaxy masses, the coefficient of dimensionality of space in cavities begins to decrease. It's like on the surface of a big black hole, space loses its dimensionality, becoming first two-dimensional and then even one-dimensional, and in the almost "linear dimensionality of a black hole the properties of everything change. I think intergalactic voids can have the same properties the same can change the dimensionality of space, which will lead to the combination of photons with neutrinos and other "smallest particles".

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