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Jul 19, 2021

Photographer Vitor Schietti Captures Dream-Like Forests Of Falling Light

brazilian photographer and filmmaker vitor schietti, captures enhancing illuminated foliage using light, and long-exposure techniques. using the nature of brazil as his setting, the artist brightens treetops and branches, and creates mysterious yet charming sceneries. in 2015, begins the production of these impermanent or ethereal sculptures, as he calls them, and after years of practice and research, the ongoing project has bloomed into a dazzling photography series.

all images courtesy of vitor schietti


vitor’s method requires patience and creativity. his choice of light sources includes fireworks, LED lanterns or even car headlights. having mastered optics and long-exposure, he then uses a neutral density filter, that reduces or modifies color and light. this is done as to allow him to reach a perfect balance between the natural shades of the twilight and artificial light. however, as a day’s timeframe is limited, he can only deliver in a narrow period of 30-50 minutes.

the powerful yet delicate images, are a result of both spontaneity and control. by manually alternating and moving the light sources, whilst managing the shutter speed, the photographer brings life and movement into stationary scenes. with post-processing that may combine up to 12 shots for a single capture, a performative, light mystery is painted. the life and energy that pulsates from these pictures, stimulate inspiration. for vitor schietti, the light is his brush and strokes, and the scenery his canvas. with quality and direction, imagination becomes tangible, and his tree sculptures begin to breathe.

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