Jan 12, 2021

Five Skull Finds That Science Couldn’t Explain

 The Paracas Skulls are commonly referred to as the Human-Alien Hybrid skulls or the Nephilim skulls. As you can tell, they are all elongated, to begin with, as unlike any other elongated skulls we ever came across throughout history these are the only ones that were born like this.

This Rhodope skull is quite the mystery as well as according to Dimitri Kovachev, the director of the Museum of Paleontology in Asenovgrad this skull makes no sense as it doesn’t belong to any formerly known creature whatsoever.

They date back to 3,000 years ago and the original discoverer Julio Tello came across them in 1928 in the Peruvian desert.

It doesn’t have a mouth and the six holes that you can see in the picture all add up to the mystery.

The Sealand’s Skull is quite a strange one, to say the least as despite that it was discovered quite recently it’s already garnering quite a name for itself as nobody can tell which species it actually belongs to in the first place. It dates back to 1200 – 1280 BC as far as we can tell.

This Prehistoric Bison Skull has a modern bullet hole right in the middle of its head. It is currently on display in the Museum of Paleontology in Moscow and it is said to date back to 30,000 years ago.

Last but not least we have these extraterrestrial skulls that according to Vladimir Melikov, the original explorer that came across them, are definitely alien in nature.

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