Dec 7, 2020

Space Station Named After Nazi And American Rocket Scientist ‘Wernher von Braun’ Will Be In Space by 2025

If Earthly trips are not enough to satisfy your wanderlust, a trip to a space hotel may bring you on your radar in the next few years. The designer of the Von Braun Space Station has announced various proposals outlining the development of a veritable space resort. 

Founded by the Gateway Foundation, the world’s first space hotel will incorporate gravity, restaurants, comfortable interiors and full kitchens. They intend to see the station visited by around 100 visitors a week by 2025. Project designer Tim Alatorre aims to make flying to space a commonplace. 

The Space Station will use the existing technologies found at the International Space Station, but will vary in one important way – the hotel will have artificial gravity, making long-term stays even more manageable. The inventor thinks that gravity, around one-sixth of Earth’s, would add “sense of direction and orientation that isn’t present in the ISS.” You’d still be able to go to the bathroom, shower or eat food the way you’re used to. 

Wernher von Braun was the top Nazi rocket scientist, who built the legendary V2 rocket. After the war, he was taken over by NASA and became a prominent American scientist. The hotel is going to be part of his dynamic legacy.  

How is the station going to be built? Using autonomous devices such as drones and robotics while in space. It will also use GSAL, a special space building machine built by Orbital Construction. 

Looking ahead, the Gateway Foundation sees the Von Braun Space Station as prototype. They plan to create larger space stations as the market for such vacations increases. The next station class is called The Gateway and can hold more than 1,400 people. 

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