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Conform Proof of Life on Mars' - Shock Claim After 'Alien Found' in NASA Picture


Paranormal CThe footage that claims to show that a little alien peeps out of a rock on the Scarlet 

Planet has gone viral online.
rucible's YouTube video post is on the loose "Little alien spotted on Mars?"

The channel is said to have punctuated the humanoid in images uploaded online by NASA by 
the Curiosity Rover droid who is looking for signs of life outside, but appears to have 
lost it.

 Life sign? A little alien or currently shaded on a rock?

A promotional noise for the video said: "Interesting irregularity detected by the rover, 
which seems a little Martian.

"I raised the image and added the eyes to the head so that it is easier to see, but 
everything is there in the original photo, whatever is humanoid, remind me of the Atacama 
Alien, about the same size, this is also of about 6 inches. "

It is the most recent in a series of alleged little aliens found in NASA's Mars images, and 
a number of alien hunters claim that the planet could be occupied by young humanoids as a 

One of the believers is Scott C Waring of He blogged in a position 
titled "6-inch alien seen on Mars in NASA's photo, Life in Absolute Test exists on Mars, 
June 2016": "This man-like figure is peering at the corner of a rock wall and I can 
understand the skull, chest, shoulders, arm, leg, knee and foot of this close-up photo.

"Paranormal Crucible says it's about 6 inches ... I agree. This is one of the species that 
once lived on Mars and still lives there now, but in smaller numbers. The mysteries of Mars 
continue to light up one by one. "

Except Paranormal Crucible has been criticized for using digital, editing and processing 
images to make them more similar to what life form is suggested.

Skeptics argue that these findings are currently mere cases of pareidolia in which the brain
transports the eye to see the shape of the family or matter in patterns or plots.

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