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There Are More Than 82 Alien Races In Contact With Our Planet (Video)


Our home planet experienced a huge number of UFO phenomena and meet-ups with extraterrestrial beings within the last century. All these make us feel more attentive on this matter.

Perhaps, you may argue that all these stuff are fake and hoaxes. But can we consider all sorts of information as false? Isn’t there a practical possibility for the existence of extraterrestrial life?

Over time there were a large number of whistleblowers who got their careers as well as lives endangered to reveal the hidden reality about the extraterrestrial beings that interact with our planet.

If we had thought more about this matter earlier, these people would have got more possibility to lose than to win on these statements.We provide you with the information that was given by militia pilots, political personalities, former CIA employees and many other trustworthy people. They are the ones who provided the public with the necessary information about extraterrestrial life and the UFOs.

The most trustworthy personality, the Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer, admitting the fact that the existence of aliens in public is an example for this.

As stated by him this incident is not isolated but there seem to be 82 alien races having close contact with our planet Earth, according to a set agenda by themselves.

Hillenkoetter, the former Chief of CIA stated that all Air Force officers of high ranks have a high concern of those UFOs that have close contact with our planet.

You are able to get information on all these 82 alien races which have close contact with our planet through the video at the end.Agharians, Altairians, Alpha-Draconians, Anunnaki, Aghartians, Anakim, Akart, Andromedans, Amphibians, Antares, Airk, Atlans, Al-Gruualix, Alabram, Buttahs, Blue People, The Blues, Baavi, Bernarians, Chirons, Chameleon, Cetians, Tau Cetians, Dracos, Deros, Dorsay, Dries, El-Manouk, Ellina, Elffaf, Egarot, Emerther, Ginvo, Gizan, Gods of Lands, Graysli, The Greys, Indugutk, Iguanoids, Jighantik, Jefok, Lyran, Lunarians, Lemuria, Lemurians, Lang, Kurs Washington DC, Tisar-3, Tanzania, The Teros, Titanic Accident, The Felines, The Pleiadians, Puritav-Illumu, Nosyv-7, The Invisibles, Kalenia, Killimat-Arr, K-Arr, Nimrod, The Council Of Five, Orela, X-1Z, Redan, X5-Tykut, Solipsi Rai, Reptiloids species, Indugutk, Kiily-Tokurt. Maitre, Magell, Mooventhan-Kaypak, Matrax, Mythilee, The Messengers, Nagas, Nordics, Negumak, Independence day, The Orange, Ramay, Smad, Tarice, Tisar-3, Strom, Rak, Tengri-Tengri, Tanzany, Telosian, Sirians, The Ummites, Vegans, Vinnitvary, Venusians and Zeta Reticulai.

Watch the footage below for yourself.

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