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Mexican Cave Finds Could Be Proof Of Mayan-Extraterrestrial Contact

In a complex system of caves in Mexico, an amazing discovery has been made close to the boundaries of Puebla and Veracruz. Jada stones have been found and they have engravings on them that seemingly show aliens and UFOs. The stones might date back to Mayan times and this may be confirmation that contact with aliens and humans was made during ancient times. The discovery was made in March 2017 but it was only a few days ago when the first images of the strange engraved stones emerged. ENCOUNTER BETWEEN THE MAYAN CIVILIZATION AND ALIENS? The stones were found by a group of treasure seekers, Manuel Rangel Vigueras, the Master Detector and Jose Aguayo the JAC Detector.

 They shared an expedition and accidentally found a carved stone inside a cave three months ago which had alien forms. To find the cave the team had to walk for many hours going through undergrowth before they reached three private caves that were between Puebla and Veracruz. Surprising discoveries were made in two of the caves and in one of them, they found several stones with engravings that suggest there had been a relationship between alien life and humans. In the other cave, they found metal and the treasure seekers believe that it could be gold. One of the stones shows what seems to be the upper part of a spacecraft and also seen on the stones is something that seems to represent an alien. There are also many symbols on the stones that have yet to be deciphered. Local people believe that caves are located close to a place where an alien spacecraft might have become trapped or it could have become embedded in the cave. This is the legend that made the group begin to search and they got the help of the landowner and made their first visit three months ago. Not only did they come across the cave but they also found the engraved stones which feature pictures of figures that are non-human. Jose Aguayo said that the INAH could not say anything due to the fact that it is not archaeology. The explorers said that after they had looked at the cave using devices but they had not found anything and they were getting ready to leave the caves. However, one of the team members had an accident and slipped and he was sunk in the water and sand in the Curva del River. It was when they rescued the team member and began to untangle him that they made the discovery. He went on to say that the discovery would change his life and it was the first of the carved stones that represented an encounter between man and an alien race. Later on, they found more stones and these showed a spacecraft along with a being that did not look human and what looked to be corn, along with other symbols. The explorers said that the discovery reveals an encounter between the Mayan or Aztec civilization and aliens from another world.
They said that they had a theory that there were those who were shipwrecked in the cosmos and then rescued and before they left they had left indelible proof of their stay in remote caves hidden from view. The engraved stones are said to be numerous and they have engraved designs that are varied but all seem to show a UFO along with aliens and a tribal leader with what looks to be a sheaf of wheat in his hand. The researchers also found pictograms on the walls of the cave, which also suggest that there was an ancient alien encounter. There is going to be more studies made to find out if the stones are real or fake. If they are found to be real it could be proof that aliens do exist and they have visited Earth a long time ago. 

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