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Sep 10, 2020

Elon Musk: I'm Pretty Confident, Giga Berlin Will Be The Most Environmental-Friendly Factory In The World

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is now in Germany on a visit. During the trip, he met with several politicians, discussed a number of important issues, and visited Giga Berlin.

On September 3, Musk made his first visit to the construction site of Tesla's plant in Grünheide, near Berlin. He arrived at 12:30 pm in a black Model X, where the media and film crews were already waiting for him. Apparently, he is very pleased with the progress of the construction, which was expressed in an enthusiastic greeting: "Deutschland roks! Yeah!"

Musk thanked everyone for the hard construction work, and for the country’s welcoming of the California-based company in Germany. "We appreciate very much for the support," he said.

He pointed to the rapid pace of construction: "You can see how fast the work is going," Musk said. This is possible thanks to the use of high-quality prefabricated houses.

In addition, Musk said that when the construction of the factory is completed, Tesla plans to throw a big party for the occasion and all neighborhoods will be invited:"We will have a big party to celebrate the opening and all neighborhood is invited."

Musk also reiterated that Giga Berlin will be different from other factories in the world and it will be the most environmentally friendly.

"I'm pretty confident, [Giga Berlin] will be the most environmental-friendly factory in the world".

Tesla seeks to provide sufficient drinking water through measures to save water at the plant and to explore other solutions. The important fact is that water problems are solvable and, compared to California, Brandenburg is not an arid region.

Tesla has previously announced that it wants to improve the natural environment near the plant and throughout the state of Brandenburg.

"We are committed to improving the natural environment near the factory and in the wider state of Brandenburg. We aim to replant an area three times the factory plot, with mixed trees native to their habitat and the potential to become an old growth forest, while working with environmental and other expert groups for the best possible outcome."

In addition, Giga Berlin should be equipped with a solar roof. In combination with the use of green electricity, this measure is designed to help the German state, and in effect, perhaps create the most environmentally factory on Earth  

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