Sep 6, 2020

Australia Doesn’t Exist And People Who Live There Are Actors Paid By NASA – Flat Earthers Claim

There seem to be an increasing number of people who seem to believe that the world is, in reality, flat. Well it’s getting better. They also insist that Australia is just one huge hoax. According to the viral Facebook post, the whole world (and potentially the 24 million people living there) is completely untrue. The theory resurfaced recently at a recent meeting of so-called Flat Earthers in Birmingham where more than 200 people came together to agree that the Planet is nothing more than a massive pancake.

The root of the article “fake Australia” originated back in 2017 on Reddit, and was posted by a Shelley Floryd. Yet now it seems to be back in the hands of the spherically disabled.
“Australia isn’t real,” starts the rant.
“It’s a coverup [sic] for one of the greatest mass murders in history.”
In comparison, the post claims that all Australians are nothing more than computer-generated humans, and if you’ve ever been Down Under yourself, “you ‘re horribly wrong.” Hilariously, the pilots are obviously all in on it-and they ‘ve just flown you all these years to areas of South America.
According to The Telegraph, Dave Marsh, a national health worker who appeared at the meeting, said, “My research is destroying big bang cosmology.
“It supports the idea that gravity does not exist and that electromagnetism is the only real force of existence.”
Although NASA has demonstrated that the World is spherical using GPS, telescopes, and photographs from space, Flat Earth proponents argue that they have evidence that the space agency is lying to 7 billion people on Earth and people in Australia are actually paid actors.

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