Aug 8, 2020

Scientists State There Is Another World Right Under Antarctica’s Ice


Today, we’re about to present you with shocking news based on a discovery of another world right under Antarctica’s Ice Glaciers. WISSARD or The Whillans Ice Subglacial Access Research Drilling project recently made an incredible discovery as a group of experts came together to test and explore the surface of the continent of Antarctica.

The diligent efforts of them succeeded in finding the presence of wetlands around 2,700 feet beneath the levels of ice of western Antarctica. They were thankful to the National Science Foundation for providing them with the necessary funding they needed for the entire experiment as nothing would have been successful without them.

As per the statements by the members of the team, the Lake Whillans which is a well-known underground lake in Antarctica too is more huge than we expect and that it might as well be referred to as a wetland at present.

Yet, the team hasn’t ended their journey of experiment at Antarctica and they hope to dive deep inside the truth behind the wetlands as soon as they gather all the required resources once again. Some members of the group suggested that global warming of Earth would sometimes help in finding the entrance to the inner Earth due to the reduction of the present ice level.Perhaps, you’ve already heard that the inner Earth is a main section of the Hollow Earth theory which says that the interior of our planet is another world which was inhabited by ancient civilization of reptilians or some sort of alien like creatures.

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