Jun 18, 2020

LOOK: Rare White Humpback Whale Spotted In Australian Waters

A rare white humpback whale was spotted in the waters off Australia’s east coast on Monday, June 15.
The animal is heading north after passing the South Coast region in New South Wales, as per a Twitter account dedicated to a white whale named Migaloo.

Breaking News: A white whale possibly #Migaloo has been sighted along the NSW South Coast heading north. Estimated to cruise past Sydney anytime soon and Cape Byron anytime from Wednesday this week. If you are lucky to sight the White Whale

Following the sighting, marine biologist Dr. Vanessa Pirotta confirmed that the whale was indeed Migaloo during an interview with Seven News the day after. Migaloo is a male white humpback whale that has been popular among whale watchers in Australia since it was first seen in 1991.
Pirotta also described him as the “rockstar of the whale world” due to its rare color and large following. Migaloo is currently making its way to Queensland from Antarctica for its annual migration.
While many whale watchers race to catch a glimpse of the rare animal when it migrates, policies have been put into place to ensure its safety. According to the report, Migaloo is protected under Queensland and Commonwealth legislation, which states that boats must stay at least 500 meters away from him.
Migaloo was believed to be the only white whale in the world until 2011, when an all-white calf was spotted. Meanwhile, Australian Geographic states that there are only three or four other known white whales aside.

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