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May 22, 2020

NASA Scientists Might Have Found Evidence of a Parallel Universe

In a scene that sounds straight out of sci-fi, a squad of NASA scientists may have found evidence of a parallel universe — where time runs in reverse.

According to New Scientist, the breakthrough was made by a NASA-sponsored researchteam using ANITA , or the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna. The team was funded $35 million to search for and study “ghostly particles that fill the universe,” NASA reports. Now thescientists have discovered particles that could be from another universe entirely, apparently.
For the research, the NASA scientists used a balloon specially built to carry an antenna high above Antarctica to search and scan for high-energy particles coming down from space. After two flights, in two years, the balloon only yielded brief moments of background disturbance but nothing else.

During the balloon’s third flight, the experts decided to re-examine the data from the previous two flights. They found that the random noises or sounds they had recorded weren’t signals coming down from space but rather coming up from the surface of earth. Thediscovery suggests that these particles are in reality traveling backward in time, suggesting evidence of a parallel universe, where time is in reverse.

Principal ANITA investigator Peter Gorham explained to the New Scientist that this evidence suggests that the Big Bang created our own universe and an existing parallel with it.

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