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NASA And Space X Confirms That They Are Working With Tom Cruise to Make a Movie in Space

NASA and Space X Confirms that they are working with Tom Cruise to Make a Movie in Space. Mission Impossible, actor Tom Cruise, Space X, and NASA have teamed up to shoot a movie in outer space.
The project is in its early stages the action flip is not another follow-up to the Mission Impossible series. Although the project is still without a studio.
 NASA’s chief confirmed Tuesday that his agency is working with crews on a film to be shot abroad, the International Space Station.
It is hard to say how Tom Cruise will take part, but given his Record of performing impressive stunts in many of his films, do expect next level stunt action.
Tom Cruise, is known for his fearless films and for doing his own stunts. He flew fighter jets for the upcoming Top Gun Maverick. For Mission Impossible films he hung off the side of a plane as it took off, and climbed the Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world that is in Dubai.
NASA had previously talked about how it would open up its International Space Station to more commercial ventures. It was reported back in 2016 that Tom Cruise had previously received astronaut training from NASA in Florida. Hoping to join the US mission, but was later discouraged, following the space shuttle Columbia disaster that killed 7 astronauts.
Filming on Mission Impossible 7 was put on hold as the coronavirus took hold of the world. The disease has led to a worldwide shutdown of Hollywood movies and other TV productions.

This Movie is not Mission Impossible Project.

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