Nov 29, 2019

15 Incredible Before & After Street Art Transformations That Are Simply Stunning

For those individuals among us who possess a talent for art, opportunities to create something beautiful can be found all around us. Everywhere you look, there are empty walls that are just crying out to become something more beautiful, if only someone would take the time. Thankfully, there are plenty of incredibly talented street artists out there who are doing just that, turning drab public spaces into explosions of color and creativity. Check out the gallery below to see some truly incredible transformations.
1. “Knowledge Speaks – Wisdom Listens,” Athens, Greece
2. “Juliette Et Les Esprits,” Montpellier, France
3. 3D Mural In Poznan, Poland
4. “Renaissance,” Le Puy en Velay, France
5. Giant Starling Mural In Berlin, Germany
6. “Au Fil De Loire,” Brives Charensac, France
7. Photorealistic Mural, Glasgow, Scotland
8. An Entire Town Was Painted Over In Palmitas, Mexico
9. Full Moon Hostel, Bristol, UK
10. “Topart,” Budapest, Hungary
11. Tiled Steps On 16th Avenue, San Francisco, California
12. Diving Dog Mural, Mechelen, Belgium
13. “Porte Des Lavandières,” Aurec Sur Loire, France
14. Racoon Mural Made Of Trash And Found Objects, Lisbon, Portugal

15. “Let’s Keep The Plants Alive,” Bialystok, Poland

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