Oct 26, 2019

Turtle Was Taken From The Sea And Injured For Taking Pictures On Top Of Her

This turtle was taken from the sea, was dragged from her home in the Mediterranean Sea just for people to take pictures with her. The poor animal suffered because of the unconscious people and its shell broke, but some people with a good heart rescued it.

This turtle was taken from the sea, was dragged from her home in the Mediterranean Sea only for people to take pictures with her and to repeatedly mistreat her stepping on her fragile shell on Havana Beach in Beirut, Lebanon.

The tortoise was beaten and trod several times, scared children were brought to its shell. But luckily among all that crowd of ignorant people there were a couple of people who cared about the welfare of the turtle and went to help her.

They rescued her and took her to a safe place to recover from the mistreatment to which she was subjected.

Turtle was taken from the sea to be mistreated
Now the turtle is being cared for by the Animals Lebanon organization. They put her in a rehabilitation pool that her rescuers prepared especially for her. "The turtle has a very obvious mark on the skull where it has been hit," said Jason Mier, director of Animals Lebanon.

Jason says he talked to a person who claimed to have observed the turtle being beaten with a stick on the beach.
"There is a remarkable depression in the head where the bone has been damaged and the sea water is able to enter the bone. A small amount of pressure around this area and the water seeps in. "

Jason also says that although there was a possibility that the turtle's head injury could have been caused from previous experience, he consulted with two veterinarians and they both came to the same conclusion, that the turtle's wound was due I had been hit recently.

"All we can do is give him antibiotics to avoid any possible infection while the wound heals," he explained.

When the turtle recovers completely, it will be returned to the sea in about 15 days

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