Oct 23, 2019

In Search And Capture Of This Young Man Who Threw This Poor Dog From A Cliff To The Sea

In search and capture of a young man who threw this poor puppy trembling from a cliff to the sea.
This has happened in Cornwall (United Kingdom), the police have also launched something and it has been a message to search and capture this young man from the cliff to the sea. In this video below you will see a young man who grabs this poor dog, who is totally scared and dying before throwing him into the sea ...
According to BBC information, these images have been shared by Snapchat's message application and all Internet users denounced and condemned this act in its entirety before the young man. Already the police of Cornwall and the RSPCA ( Animal Rescue Centers and Hospitals In Your Area - Rescue Centers for animals and hospitals in your area ) have immediately set an investigation to identify the young person.
Luckily for the dog, he came out alive from this atrocious act on the part of the young man from the United Kingdom, but seriously wounded ...
The investigation was launched on May 1, 2019 and police in Devon and Cornwall have released a statement that they are "investigating a report on the welfare of an animal in Falmouth on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 1." "We ask that people, including users of social networks, not speculate about the circumstances of this incident or the person involved," according to Antena3 .
We notice that the images below are quite strong, if you do not want to see it, it is not necessary ... But you have to share to identify the author of this event as soon as possible.

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